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Product Experience Management with prodexa

Fast, easy to use, individually configurable - with automatable processes and formats for your industry.
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Efficient interaction of customized products, individual services and personal experience

In prodexa, relevant information about your products can be easily recorded, updated and synchronized. From product descriptions and technical specifications to prices and availability, you have everything under control. In addition, prodexa offers extensive functions for data cleansing, validation and enrichment. This ensures that your product data is always correct, complete and up to date.
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Product Information Management

In a digital world, product data is just as important as the products themselves. With prodexa, you can distribute complete, up-to-date and attractive product information and media to all sales channels, customers and partners. The cross-industry SaaS solution ensures that all your product information is collected, structured and updated in a single system. 

Digital Asset Management

The centralized management and distribution of digital assets is the basis for a consistent brand image and thus an important component for an impressive customer experience. prodexa supports companies in providing the various stakeholders with current and relevant assets. 
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Marketplace Catalog Portal

The Marketplace Catalog Portal offers suppliers a secure and intuitive environment to manage product catalogs and price lists themselves. This makes information available to retailers more quickly, thereby accelerating marketing and sales workflows. By defining quality criteria, the maintenance and quality assurance of product data can be easily controlled by the supplier without having to fear any loss of quality. 

Cross Media Publishing

In the creation, layout, and publication of product, marketing, and sales documents across various media formats, the consideration of diverse settings and formatting requirements can become a tedious and time-consuming process. prodexa serves as a versatile editorial system, offering support to companies in efficiently managing content creation and publication for print, online, tablet, and mobile platforms

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Product Experience Catalog

An online catalog is a must today. You can reach more customers faster and at any time. The advantages of always having your catalog available online are endless. With prodexa, the variety of information on individual items can be rounded off with images, data sheets, drawings or multimedia content. Thanks to responsive design, the online catalogs are also available in optimum resolution on any mobile device.

Market study

prodexa im aktuellen Report von "The Group of Analysts"

Once again this year, we have had prodexa evaluated using the Market Performance Wheel (MPW) from The Group of Analysts (TGOA). This unique evaluation method provides orientation and transparency in the PIM software market.
Downloads prodexa im Report TGOA 2022