Find out more about the challenges, functions and benefits of product data management.
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prodexa for your industry and business model: If you have any questions about individual functions, integrations or application examples, our experts will be happy to assist you.
Report Teaser TGOA 2022

prodexa in the latest TGOA report

Read the latest report from "The Group of Analysts" to find out how con prodexa's PIM software compares to the rest of the industry.
Whitepaper Teaser PIM fuer den technischen Grosshandel 2

prodexa for the Technical Wholesale Trade

Trends, challenges and special features in marketing and sales for B2B wholesalers.
Whitepaper Teaser PIM System mit Marktplatzfunktionen 1

PIM system with Marketplace Functions

Improve productivity and agility with a professional trading platform.
Whitepaper Teaser Automotive PIM 1

prodexa for the Automotive and Vehicle Industry

Optimisation of quality, attractiveness and use of automotive parts ranges.
Whitepaper Teaser PIM fuer die Sanitaerbranche 1

prodexa for the Building Materials and HVAC Sectors

Bundles heterogeneous product data in a centralised system and ensures smooth product data distribution.
Whitepaper Teaser PIM fuer die Elektronikbranche 1

prodexa for the Electronics and Cable Industry

Meaningful and target group-specific product data as a growth driver.
Whitepaper Teaser PIM fuer Handel und B2B 1

prodexa for Retail and B2B

Improved rankings in search engines and more conversions through relevant and contextualised offers.
Whitepaper Teaser PIM fuer Maschinenbau und Technik 1

prodexa for the Mechanical Engineering and Technology Sectors

Excellent product communication and efficient collaboration with all stakeholders.
Whitepaper Teaser PIM fuer die Branche Werkzeuge und DIY

prodexa for the Tools and DIY Sectors

All sales channels such as web shops, marketplaces and online catalogues are ready for use at any time.