PIM & marketplaces in interaction

"Retailers can increase their productivity by 25% and reduce their operating costs by 23% by implementing a PIM system. The implementation of a PIM system ultimately enables an annual return on investment of 295% within three years."
Source: Forrester Consulting, „Product Experience Management in Retail: A Total Economic Impact Study“
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Current marketplace integrations

The integration of prodexa with marketplaces enables the simple transfer of all relevant product information. This enables retailers to offer their products on several marketplace platforms simultaneously, increasing their reach and sales figures. Product information can also be optimised with a PIM integration in order to be found more easily on the various marketplaces.
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Your advantages

PIM integration makes it quicker and easier to publish products on various marketplaces and channels, resulting in an improved time-to-market. In addition, personalisation options can be used to optimise the customer experience and increase the conversion rate.

Automatic data transmission

Data is transferred directly to marketplaces via optimised product data feeds, minimising manual steps and data errors.

Better visibility

Product data can be better organised and structured on several marketplaces, which contributes to a higher conversion rate.

Reduce return rates

Additional assets such as photos, videos and detailed instructions help customers to get a more precise idea of the product.

Faster time-to-market

New products can be brought to market more quickly as all relevant product information is already organised in one system.


Translation of product information and digital assets (images, videos, documents, instructions, certificates, seals, etc.) into several languages.


New products and variants, sales channels and business processes can be seamlessly integrated into the PIM system.