Introduce prodexa

Our team of experts, coupled with our strong partner network, is at your side with technology and industry expertise - from design and implementation to successful operation and support.
prodexa Planung und Konzeption

Planning Success Correctly

We work with you to find a solution that optimizes the benefits for your company. Our specialists offer the optimum combination of technological knowledge and industry expertise.

Shorter Project Duration

Our teams of experts ensure that prodexa is reliably implemented within the agreed budget and schedule.

Rapid Knowledge Transfer

Training courses and training programs for your employees as well as train-the-trainer seminars can be carried out flexibly by us at any time.

Change Management

Higher software acceptance among the various interest groups in the company through external project management.

Consulting and Analysis
Our experts start by analyzing the current status of your product communication and the existing IT infrastructure. At the same time, they analyze the sources and channels required for an efficient omnichannel strategy and then define overarching project goals. Current industry specifics and market developments are always taken into account during the analysis. The result of this phase is the definition of the "right" scope of implementation and the formulation of decision models.
Planning and Conception
The second step involves taking a closer look at the areas and steps of the implementation. Classification consulting shows which data model, including rules and principles, should be developed in the future in accordance with user requirements. At the same time, processes are defined that are taken into account during data management (e.g. generation, translation, enrichment or exchange). In addition to defining responsibilities and roles, the necessary IT architecture is also mapped.
Technical introduction
The implementation is based on user stories for each area: collecting data (importing, displaying, converting), consolidating data (cleaning, connecting, summarizing), enriching data (classifying, categorizing, linking), qualifying data (validating, checking) and playing out data (e.g. catalogs, websites, stores, marketplaces, portals). Our teams of experts will support you with the individual measures and the structural setup. This also includes data imports, data migrations, data qualifications, the configuration and parameterization of the system, the setup of output channels and the definition of dynamic and automatic workflows.
Training Courses
prodexa's Professional Services team offers a wide range of programs for training end users and administrators. In addition to individual training courses, there are also numerous video-based tutorials and standard training courses. The training courses cover the following topics, among others: Master Data Management, Catalog and Assortment Management, Data Quality Management, Publication Management, Product Localization and Translation Management, Authorizations and User Management, Media Asset Management, Workflow Management, Supplier Management.
On request, we can take over the entire data and catalog management for you. We talk to your data suppliers, check and cleanse your product data and provide it in all standard formats (e.g. eCl@ss, profiCl@ss, ETIM, Datanorm etc.). We can also support you with product data preparation and advise you on publishing processes for print catalogs and web stores. We support you throughout the entire publishing process for catalog production, from the layouts and design of your templates to printing. In eCommerce, we help you set up your online catalogs and webshops.