Consideration of formats

"By implementing a PIM system, companies can achieve a 42% increase in data management efficiency and an increase in turnover of up to 66%. At the same time, they can ensure a 20% reduction in incorrect data."
Source: Forrester Consulting, “The Total Economic Impact of PIM“
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Current formats

prodexa enables companies to manage and synchronise their product data. To achieve this, prodexa supports various formats to facilitate data exchange between different systems and platforms.
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Your advantages

The integration of different data formats in prodexa enables companies to manage their product data more flexibly and efficiently and to export it in different formats in order to publish it in different channels. This can save time and costs in the long term.

Better data quality

Data from different sources is processed in a consistent way, which contributes to faster and more accurate updates.

Increased efficiency

Minimisation of manual data entry: The automatic conversion of data saves time and reduces the risk of errors.


Respond flexibly to customer and supplier requirements and automatically convert product data into the required format.