Advancement through information: PIM for mechanical engineering and technology

prodexa offers companies a central and efficient platform for consolidating, managing and optimising product data. This allows companies to unleash the full potential of their product information while ensuring precision and timeliness in their workflows and product communication.
prodexa fuer Maschinenbau und Technik

Special sector requirements in the technical industry

Innovation and product life cycles are becoming ever shorter. At the same time, customers' information needs and demands are increasing. They want to reach their information needs quickly. If they don't find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds, they will be at the competition in the same amount of time.
Whether portal or online marketplace, point of sale, web shop or interactive catalogue - up-to-date product information decides the race for the customer's favour in all channels.

Convenient integration of industry standards

Agile adaptability in dynamic markets

Maximum efficiency through workflow automation

Increase in sales and customer satisfaction


prodexa for the mechanical engineering and technology sectors

In view of the rapid development of e-commerce into a virtual mega-mall and the shift from mass communication to target group-specific addressing of customers and other stakeholders, it is imperative for manufacturers to scrutinise the quality of their product data.
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Overview of functions

In an industry as specialised and technology-driven as mechanical engineering and technology, it is essential to have tools that meet the specific requirements of the industry. prodexa not only offers the basic functions for product data management, but goes far beyond that.
Centralised product data management
prodexa offers a consistent and always up-to-date database by serving as a single source of truth for all product information.
Intuitive interface management
Allows fast import and export of data through numerous interfaces that enable smooth communication with ERP systems, suppliers and other external sources.
Data refinement and enrichment
Easily add marketing data, technical information, media files and design specifications to create a comprehensive product profile.
Automated data validation
Ensures the highest data quality through global and supplier-specific checking rules that identify and correct discrepancies and inconsistencies.
Efficient product search and preview
Powerful search functions and product preview options that enable quick identification and verification of product information.
Flexible product editor
prodexa provides useful tools that make it easier to compare products and help to identify differences quickly and efficiently.
Dynamic workflow modelling
Allows the standardisation of recurring tasks, shortens throughput times and visualises process sequences, ensuring that routine tasks run smoothly.
Versatile publication options
Offers options for targeted data transmission to various channels, supports cross-media publishing and the creation of online product catalogues to ensure the greatest possible reach and efficiency in product presentation.
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Further functions in detail

From dynamic workflows and detailed product editors to cross-media publishing: prodexa offers far more than standard functions.
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