PIM as a central hub for the modern Automotive Market

In today’s digital landscape, the competition is just a click away. For companies in eCommerce, this means that consistency and efficiency are non-negotiable. With prodexa as a “single source of truth”, companies ensure that their product information is presented consistently across all channels.
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Special industry requirements in the automotive industry

It is important for manufacturers and retailers to provide easy-to-find offers with complete and attractive information.
prodexa supports companies in the simplified maintenance, validation and extraction of complete product information. Attribute-rich part ranges with complex data structures can thus be optimally developed and prepared for numerous channels. This creates trust and a superior shopping and service experience.
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Strengthening the Market Position

  • The management of global vehicle data formats such as TecDoc, PIES, ACES, Fraga and more facilitates uniformity in brand and product communication.

  • A coordinated product data strategy takes into account the specific processes in the life cycle of automotive and vehicle products, enabling targeted data management.

Customer-Centric Strategies

  • Trustworthy data forms the basis for stronger relationships with customers and partners and enables customer-centric marketing and sales measures.

  • Comprehensive product attributes and data are available to meet the increasing requirements and wishes of customers.

Faster Time to Market

  • Synchronous master data management enables faster market availability and supports effective cross-selling and up-selling strategies.

  • The acceleration of digital marketing processes is particularly possible for feature-rich product ranges with high data input.

Reliability and Compliance

  • Automating manual processes reduces error rates and minimizes the risk of compliance violations.

  • Reliable and clean data is the basis for successful omnichannel management that ensures a consistent brand experience across all channels.


prodexa for the Automotive and Vehicle Industry

In the automotive industry, the management of product knowledge about the possible uses of parts and their restrictions in vehicles is essential. The aim is to output vehicle compatibilities and usage restrictions quickly and easily.
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Overview of functions

From intelligent data optimization to in-depth competitive analysis – prodexa offers companies all the tools they need to efficiently manage their product data and optimize their product offerings across all channels.

Data Optimization

Convenient refinement functions enable the transformation of product information into sales-boosting offers. Features such as synonym maintenance also ensure search engine-optimized texts that make products easier to find.

Intuitive quality Controls

Customizable dashboards make quality control more intuitive and effective. Widgets for product groups, vehicle models and brands provide a quick and comprehensive overview of product data.

Extensive Search and Filter Options

prodexa enables the flexible search and structuring of products through model assignments and facet filters, for example for vehicle models and product groups. Automatic validation rules facilitate data maintenance.

Specialized Data Maintenance

Tools for maintaining compatibilities and restrictions in the vehicle tree are integrated. From previewing documents to directly editing reference products, the PIM system offers a comprehensive set of auxiliary functions.

Business Process Support

prodexa offers specialized functions for typical business processes in the automotive sector: from importing product data to adapting specifications and classifications.

Competitive Analyses

Support in the creation of market overviews and competitive analyses. From the automatic allocation of compatible competitive products to the generation of gap analyses, prodexa offers a sound basis for strategic decisions.

Channel-specific Data Feeds

With the integrated feed and export management, product information can be transferred quickly and in a specific format to web stores, marketplaces or industry-specific platforms.

Automation and Integration

Thanks to rule-based automation and REST API for system integration, the PIM system offers maximum flexibility and efficiency in data management. Automated cleansing and enrichment processes ensure high data quality.
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Further Functions in Detail

From convenient management of complex vehicle data to automated marketplace syndication. Learn more