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Media-neutral content creation, management and publication - whether brochures, catalogs, online or offline.
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From print to web, from social media to mobile and beyond - prodexa

In the production and publication of product, marketing and sales documents for the various media formats, different settings and formatting often have to be taken into account, which can end up in a tedious and time-consuming affair. prodexa supports companies as a flexible editorial system in the creation, layout and publication of content in print, online, tablet and mobile.



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prodexa in the latest Report by "The Group of Analysts"

We have had prodexa evaluated using the Market Performance Wheel (MPW) from The Group of Analysts (TGOA). This unique evaluation method provides orientation and transparency in the PIM software market.
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Functions at a Glance

Achieve unparalleled efficiency and consistency in your marketing efforts while reaching a larger audience. Cross media publishing makes your content adaptable and dynamic, so it always looks its best, regardless of the platform. Say goodbye to isolated workflows and look forward to a cohesive, compelling brand presence. Improve your content strategy and maximize the impact of your message with prodexa today.
Planning and Management
Content can be placed in the correct temporal and logical context for easy topic planning
Layout definitions help desktop publishing users to efficiently and effectively place product information in appropriate templates.
Versioning and Access Rights
Different versions can be compared, edited and undone
Formats and Integrations
Wide range of output formats, e.g. PDF, HTML, XML, Adobe InDesign, CMS (Typo3, WordPress), Apps
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All functions in Detail

Optimization, Completion, Cleansing and Distribution of Data
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