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An online catalog is a must today. You can reach more customers faster and at any time. The benefits of always having your catalog available online are endless. With prodexa, the variety of information on individual articles can be rounded off with images, data sheets, drawings or multimedia content. Thanks to Responsive Design, the online catalogs are also available on any mobile device in optimal resolution.

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prodexa in the latest Report by "The Group of Analysts"

We have had prodexa evaluated using the Market Performance Wheel (MPW) from The Group of Analysts (TGOA). This unique evaluation method provides orientation and transparency in the PIM software market.
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Functions at a Glance

Discover the transformative power of our Product Experience Catalog. Optimize your product information management and effortlessly create exceptional customer journeys. With a centralized catalog, you can ensure consistency of product data across all touchpoints, from your website to mobile apps to in-store displays. Increase customer confidence and satisfaction by providing accurate and up-to-date product information. Gain valuable insights into your customers' preferences and behaviors so you can effectively tailor your offerings.
Create high-quality product data feeds for specific channels and audiences for a better product experience
Intelligent Product Search
Different display options for search results (e.g. ranking of hits by relevance, price, manufacturer, etc.)
Product Comparison
Tabular comparison of products with color highlighting of individual product differences for quick product comparison
Shopping Cart
Specific creation of shopping lists incl. automatic update due to product and price changes
View Management
Control of the visibility of different assortments for the different users (groups)
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Optimization, completion, cleansing and distribution of data sets.
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