PIM & e-commerce in interaction

"Companies that integrate their e-commerce solution with a PIM system achieve an average increase in sales of 14.6% by improving the quality and consistency of their product data and enabling a personalised customer approach."
Source: Ventana Research, “The Power of Product Information Management in E-Commerce”
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Current e-commerce integrations

An important advantage of integrating prodexa with e-commerce solutions is that product data can be stored and managed centrally. This reduces incorrect product data, which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates. In addition, shop operators can also use the PIM system to create product catalogues and integrate them into the e-commerce solution, which makes it easier to sell products.
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Your advantages

The integration of prodexa with an e-commerce or shop system offers numerous advantages for companies that want to improve their online presence and increase their sales figures. Through integration, companies can automate their processes, save time and increase the efficiency of their workflows. It also enables a consistent and personalised customer approach, improved scalability and an increase in conversions.

Improved customer experience

Seamless customer experience by updating and synchronising product information and content in real time.

Increase in conversions

Shorter purchase decision processes, improved visibility, better rankings and longer dwell times thanks to more relevant content.

Effective data management

Dynamic and fully automated processes eliminate media disruptions and technical barriers and reduce error rates.


All types of product information, including multimedia content, are communicated consistently across all channels.


A personalised approach to customers by tailoring content and products to their needs and preferences.


Products can be quickly organised for new markets and channels, including automated translation management.