PIM Integrations for every use Case

prodexa's API architecture ensures smooth integration with surrounding systems such as ERP. CMS, e-commerce, marketplaces or print is guaranteed. Our extensive technology and partner network also ensures the future viability of prodexa.
prodexa Integrationen

Overview of PIM Integrations

By using interfaces, neighboring systems in your IT infrastructure can be connected to prodexa. The various integrations enable PIM data to be displayed and used in external systems, for example on a website or in an online store. Alternatively, prodexa can also import product information from external systems, such as master data from the ERP system.
PIM Integration erp

ERP Systems

Seamless management of product data in real time for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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integrations cms

CMS Systems

More effective creation and management of product-related content for an optimized customer journey.
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eCommerce Grafik


Centralized data management for an optimized product presentation and a higher conversion rate.
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PrintLoesungen Grafik

Print Solutions

Automated creation of print-ready publications for a faster market launch.
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PIM Integration marktplaetze


Faster publication of product information on various marketplaces for a wider reach.
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PIM Integration formate


Reduces sources of error / duplicates and converts data according to channel-specific requirements.
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