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prodexa, our state-of-the-art product information management software, enables companies to stand out in their respective industries with a variety of benefits tailored to their individual needs.
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Seamless integration with prodexa

In the modern business world, data is everything. Integrating your product information management (PIM) system is the key to dominance. With PIM integration, you can unlock the full potential of your product data, streamline processes and boost your business.
PIM vs. ERP Was ist der Unterschied

Trade B&B

In fast-moving retail, accurate and accessible product information is crucial for success.
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Automobile & Vehicles

In today's digital landscape, the competition is just a click away.
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PIM fur Brands und Retailer im E Commerce

Electrical engineering & cables

prodexa helps you to maintain comprehensive technical features.
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5 Produktfilter die Kunden beim Online Shopping voraussetzen

Building materials & SHK

All product data in a central system and smooth product data distribution.
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Mechanical engineering & technology

Simple mapping of corresponding fields in the input and output systems.
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Warum ein PIM System Retouren senken kann

Tools & DIY

Numerous connectors for third-party applications and systems, such as ERP, CRM, mobile applications
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