PIM as a growth Driver in Retail and Sales

In fast-moving retail, accurate and accessible product information is crucial for success. With prodexa, companies can efficiently manage large amounts of data, create flexible catalogs for their omnichannel strategy and create first-class customer experiences.

Special Industry Requirements in Retail

Retailers have to receive and process thousands of pieces of product information from a wide variety of manufacturers and prepare them for output channels such as web stores, online catalogs or individually printed print media. Good and consistent product information forms the basis of your business success.
With prodexa, retailers ensure uniform product information, reduce the maintenance effort for their data and exchange it internally and externally with customers, suppliers and partners via all systems in all standard formats.

Stronger Customer Loyalty

Market Products faster

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Save Time and Costs


prodexa for Retail
and B2B

Those who can provide their product data in the relevant channels at the right time and in the right format - and with the least possible effort - will end up on the winner's podium. Professional Product Information Management (PIM) paves the way to this goal.
Downloads PIM als Erfolgsfaktor in Handel und B2B

Overview of Functions

prodexa makes product information not only manageable for retailers and B2B, but also a decisive factor for their business success.
Simple Product Data Modeling
The configuration of complex product data models requires no special IT knowledge. Mass processing enables the efficient management of thousands of product attributes, ideal for use on multiple channels.
Flexible Product Data Management
It is easy to duplicate existing products or create new products using templates. Customizable user interfaces and list views support intuitive product data management and increase efficiency.
Automated Quality Controls
Predefined quality reports and validation processes ensure high data quality and compliance with governance guidelines. Rights management controls access to data and ensures data quality.
Optimization of Work Processes
Automated workflows can be set up that only allow products with certain criteria. The integrated history documents all changes and automatic notifications provide information on the status of the workflows.
Seamless Integration
An API-driven architecture enables seamless connection to existing IT systems, from ERP to CRM and BI.
Digital Content Management
All media assets (images, videos, etc.) can be managed centrally and provided in the channel-specific formats. Conversion takes place according to preconfigured rules, which enables a seamless omni-channel experience.
Easily publish content across multiple distribution channels. From eCommerce platforms to print publications, seamless integration with third-party tools is possible. The automatic transmission of customized product data feeds to leading digital marketplaces also takes place in real time.
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Further Functions in Detail

From flexible data management and seamless integration to multi-channel syndication.
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