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At our location in Dortmund, we develop comprehensive solutions that enable manufacturers and retailers to structure product information in the shortest possible time and use it more effectively in a wide variety of output channels.
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The Company

prodexa GmbH is the reliable and innovative partner you need when it comes to product information and the realization of efficient information processes. Our core competencies lie in creating added value from product information in order to always realize the best product experience for customers, partners and employees, in every channel, online and offline.
From the idea to commercialization
prodexa brings order to your data, integrates and streamlines processes from product ideation to commercialization and provides your stakeholders with real-time access to all current and relevant information. Teams experience a true 360-degree view of their products and benefit from automated workflows and data enrichment.
Agile data management
Our flexible and scalable software combines all the tools for professional data management in one system. This allows companies to react quickly to changing customer needs, clean up poor quality data, shorten your time to market and reduce your costs. prodexa is also incredibly user-friendly.
Customer feedback shapes our technology
Because one thing is clear: if your employees get on well with the software, it will also be used successfully and productively. To ensure this, prodexa is constantly investing in the further development and optimization of its technologies. Feedback from our customers is the be-all and end-all here.

Motivated and committed experts

We are always looking for new talents who share our vision and want to shape the future of the industry with us. Become part of our mission!

Why should your company rely on SaaS?

Our experienced employees and our technical know-how give you the security you need as a company today to be able to operate confidently on the market. Our software products are based on over 20 years of experience in the PIM market. We take over the commissioning of our software in the cloud, so it is always reliable to use and safe from outside interference. Be it large installations with several hundred thousand products, or smaller ones for medium-sized businesses.


With prodexa, companies can easily adjust the size of their services to meet current demand. They only pay for what they actually use.

Cost efficiency

prodexa eliminates the need for hardware acquisition, which represents a significant cost saving. Maintenance and updates are handled by the provider.


Employees can access the prodexa applications from anywhere and at any time, as long as there is an internet connection. This promotes the mobility and flexibility of the team.

Security and compliance

As a professional SaaS provider, we offer robust security measures and compliance standards to protect your data.

Simply updates

Software updates and maintenance are carried out automatically and transparently so that your company can always use the latest version without manual intervention.

Focus on core competencies

By outsourcing software solutions, you can concentrate on your core competencies instead of investing time and resources in the maintenance of IT infrastructures.
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