Optimal Product Data: The Key to Differentiation

In a dynamic market environment characterized by Industry 4.0 and growing customer requirements, prodexa forms the bridge between product excellence and an outstanding customer experience.
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Special Industry Requirements in the Tool Industry

High quality standards and compliance with extensive safety requirements are common to all areas of the value chain. In international competition, however, companies are constantly faced with lower-cost competitors who distribute similar (often inferior) products in shorter times via many sales channels and thus secure new market shares through mass production.
prodexa supports companies in the standardization and automation of product data management in order to secure competitive advantages for sales and the development of new markets.

Maximized Sales Success

High-Quality Product Presentation

Optimized Processes

Agile Data Provision


prodexa for the Tools and DIY Sectors

Today's audience - regardless of whether it is a global or local market - demands relevant and accurate product information at every stage of the sales process. It is therefore imperative for retailers and manufacturers to provide the industry with the product information it needs. However, this is a time-consuming task, especially for suppliers who manage thousands or even millions of products.
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Overview of Functions

Boost your performance by effortlessly handling complex bills of materials, ensuring data quality and gaining real-time insights into data status. Optimize your digital processes, maximize transparency in your supply chain and open up new possibilities in your product communication.
Intuitive Data Centralization
prodexa offers seamless integration with various systems such as ERP, store systems and marketplaces through a wide range of connectors. This enables centralized data storage and easy validation of content via category-based templates.
Personalized Content
prodexa allows product data to be linked with digital resources and individual data points to provide customized content for specific target groups.
Uniform Data View
A central dashboard provides users with a consolidated overview of all product data, from components to digital assets. User groups are also automatically notified of the respective data management status.
Simplified Data Structures
The PIM system simplifies the management of attributes, data hierarchies and versions, which promotes the smooth flow of product information. All adjustments and additions to data are documented in a clear history for maximum transparency.
Complex Parts List Management
prodexa enables the structured management of extensive product sets and kits without additional effort. Automated syndication and consolidation ensure that all changes are reflected throughout the system, guaranteeing an up-to-date database at all times.
Real-Time Insights
With the help of individually configurable dashboards and reports, users receive real-time insights into the current status of the data.
Efficient Workflow Automation
Robust and seamless workflows promote cross-team collaboration and also simplify product management with external stakeholders such as suppliers, dealers or agencies.
Maximum Transparency in the Supply Chain
The software provides detailed analyses of the digital supply chain, ensuring clarity and control over all product data.
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Further Functions in Detail

From convenient management of complex vehicle data to automated marketplace syndication.
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