Central product data for the complex HVAC sector

From efficient data preparation to precise classification according to the ETIM standard: prodexa ensures a seamless product information experience that meets the requirements of both manufacturers and retailers.
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Special Industry requirements in the HVAC Sector

Mastering digitalization requires a central yet flexible system that keeps product information with sometimes very complex article structures and relationships up-to-date, complete and attractive. Manufacturers, wholesalers and local specialist retailers need relevant, accurate and detailed information on thousands of products at all times, across national and currency borders. At the same time, requirements such as data preparation and classification in accordance with the ETIM standard must be taken into account.

Conformity with Industry Standards

High-quality Product Information

Rapid dissemination of Information

Agile Product Communication


prodexa for the building Materials and HVAC sectors

In order to survive in international competition, even against companies with cheaper and sometimes inferior products, ways must be found to open up new markets and sales channels in the shortest possible time.
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Overview of functions

The HVAC industry faces the challenge of efficiently managing complex product structures and data sources. A specialized PIM system brings the necessary technology into play here.
Central data management
Unification of all product information from various sources such as ERP systems, merchandise management or manufacturer portals in a web-based system, supported by various formats such as Excel, CSV, JSON and XML.
Efficient classification
Effortless assignment of imported data according to ETIM categories, presented in clear tree structures. This enables intuitive classification and a clear summary of product variants.
Mass data processing
Time-saving functions to make large-scale corrections or additions to data automatically, for maximum efficiency.
Comprehensive media management
Integrated digital asset management facilitates the handling of product-relevant media in a wide variety of formats, coupled with automatic conversion options for all relevant channels.
Release workflows
Integrated mechanisms for the release and validation of product information to ensure data consistency.
Quality assurance
Automatic data checks ensure the highest data quality, supplemented by intuitive dashboards that document and display process results and workflows.
Simple catalog creation
Extensive or personalized catalogs can be generated with minimal effort, and interfaces to print or DTP programs are also available.
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Further Functions in Detail

Industry-specific classifications, optimized data import and export methods and integrated checking processes.
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