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Provides suppliers with a secure and intuitive environment for deploying and managing electronic catalogs and price lists.
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Provide and Manage Electronic Catalogs and Price lists with prodexa

The Marketplace Catalog Portal provides suppliers with a protected and intuitive environment to securely manage product catalogs and price lists on their own. For retailers, this makes information available more quickly and thus accelerates workflows in marketing and sales. By defining quality criteria, it is easy to control the maintenance and quality assurance of product data at the supplier's site without having to fear a loss of quality.

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Market study

prodexa in the latest Report by "The Group of Analysts"

We have had prodexa evaluated using the Market Performance Wheel (MPW) from The Group of Analysts (TGOA). This unique evaluation method provides orientation and transparency in the PIM software market.
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Functions at a glance

With prodexa, companies are able to create relevant and emotionally appealing product catalogs that meet customers' needs where they are needed.
Manage Products
Notify suppliers and internal product managers of processing status and issues
Functions for Suppliers
Supplier-specific classifications, customer-specific classifications, standard classifications (e.g. Cl@ss, UNSPSC), industry classifications (e.g. proficl@ss)
Functions for Buyers and Product Managers
Cleansing rules: Preview image verification, text cleanup, custom cleansing rules.
Extensive Reporting
Delta reports compare the data of the current catalog version, which is used productively in the catalog search, with the data of the newly imported catalog
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All functions in detail

Optimization, completion, cleansing and distribution of data sets.
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