Central Product Data Management from a Single Source

prodexa offers manufacturers and retailers a scalable system that adapts perfectly to the requirements of the electrical engineering and cable industry. Companies benefit from accelerated processes and more efficient sales.
prodexa PIM fuer die Elektroindustrie

Special industry requirements in the electrical industry

The rules of the market are changing, be it due to the influence of digitalization, the energy transition, Internet of Things or Industry 4.0. In this context, presenting your products and services equally on all channels in line with customer expectations becomes a major challenge.
prodexa supports manufacturers and retailers in the electrical industry in centrally recording, harmonizing and ultimately aligning product data from different sources to the specific requirements of publication channels and target groups.

Information quality as a competitive Advantage

Compliance and
specification in Focus

Consistency across all

Creating value through
integrated Collaboration


prodexa for the Electronics and Cable Industry

Product information is not left out against the backdrop of digital change. In the digital age, you are increasingly taking on the role of personal product advice. Accordingly, manufacturers and retailers must be aware of the increasing demands for flawless and valuable product information for the different channels.
Downloads PIM als Wachstumstreiber in der Elektroindustrie

Overview of Features

prodexa makes product information for retail and B2B not only manageable, but also a decisive factor for your business success.
Data-intensive Product Profiles
Prodexa offers comprehensive data management that combines technical features with target-specific marketing and sales-promoting descriptions. Product presentations can be quickly customized for different target audiences.
Digital Asset Management
The DAM system integrates a variety of media, from meaningful images and graphics to manuals and technical data sheets in various languages. This central media archive makes it easier to work with suppliers, dealers or agencies.
Price and product range structuring
prodexa enables differentiated price structures that take into account graduated prices, promotions, discounts and specific ranges for different retailers and markets. This also ensures multilingual access for various global markets.
Global market integration
prodexa includes comprehensive tools to manage terminology, translation, currencies and conversion rates, allowing product information to be tailored to different global markets and customers.
Industry standards can be easily structured. In addition, prodexa offers a clear overview of compliance with EU regulations and other legal regulations.
Effective classification management
Compliance with industry-specific classifications such as ETIM and UNSPSC is ensured. Our platform not only enables the integration of these standards, but also flexible mapping and quick assignment of product attributes and properties to different classification systems.
Intelligent product links
The dynamic linking possibilities not only offer a deep understanding of the relationships and interactions between products, but also reveal valuable opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.
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Further Functions in Detail

Tailor-made PIM functions for the electrical industry: Specialized tools and intelligent links for optimized business processes.
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