PIM & CMS in interaction

"Companies that integrate their CMS system with a PIM system can reduce their time-to-market by up to 30% by automating and synchronising their processes to manage and distribute content and product information quickly and efficiently."
Source: Gartner, “Market Guide for Product Information Management Solutions"
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Current CMS integrations

Content management systems (CMS) allow companies to manage their web content and marketing content. By integrating with a PIM system, the content of the CMS can be synchronised with the product data in the PIM system to ensure that all product information on the website is correct and up to date. Such integration helps to ensure that a consistent brand message is communicated.
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Your advantages

The integration of a CMS system with a PIM system offers numerous advantages for companies that want to improve their online presence and product management. The connection allows companies to automate their processes, save time and increase the efficiency of their workflows. In addition, the integration enables a consistent and personalised approach to customers, improved scalability and optimisation of content and products, as well as adherence to compliance regulations.


Save time and resources by automating and synchronising content and product data management processes.


All information about a product, including descriptions, images and prices, is standardised across all sales channels.


A personalised approach to customers by tailoring content and products to their needs and preferences.

Extensive analyses

Marketing strategies can be continuously optimised by collecting and analysing customer behaviour and preferences centrally.


Content and products comply with legal requirements and adherence to compliance regulations is guaranteed.


Improving internal processes by improving collaboration between teams and departments and increasing efficiency.