PIM, publishing and PDF in interaction

"By using database publishing, companies can reduce their production costs by up to 80% and speed up their time-to-market for product catalogues by up to 70%."
Source: Quark & Digital Clarity, “Database Publishing: A Strategic Guide for Print and Digital Publishers”
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Current print-publishing integrations

If all marketing and sales materials are based on the same information, companies can ensure that their brand message is consistent and maintain their brand image. Furthermore, workflow automation can save time and costs, e.g. by automatically creating and updating catalogues. Manual work steps can be reduced or eliminated.
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Your advantages

Centralised data storage enables companies to manage their data more efficiently and achieve higher data quality. Reducing errors and redundancies, as well as improving collaboration and flexibility, are just some of the benefits that companies achieve by integrating their print solution with prodexa. Multichannel publishing of products also offers broader market coverage and improves the customer experience.


Automatic translation of product data and content in different languages, which accelerates internationalisation.


Respond flexibly to market changes by quickly adding new products and variants to existing catalogues.

Cost reduction

The automation of processes reduces sources of error and drastically shortens the time to publication.


A large amount of product data can be quickly and easily integrated and updated in publications.


Consistent use of product data and content, which improves the quality of publications.

Better cooperation

Marketing, sales and external agencies work with the same information, which improves efficiency and simplifies communication.