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Managing product data cleverly PIM 8 in use at Indunorm GmbH

Indunorm Hydraulik GmbH has been a specialist for high-pressure coupling technology for 50 years and employs approx. 100 employees at the Neukirchen-Vluyn site, Lower Rhine. This makes Indunorm one of the leading system providers for hydraulic hoses and valves. 

The product range also includes couplings, pipe fittings, adapters, ball valves and machines that are required in the field of hydraulics in original equipment and in repair.

In total, around 20,000 articles are maintained – technical specifications, but also marketing texts and product images, all of which require translations into two additional languages, Dutch and English.

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Indunorm GmbH is a long-standing on-premise customer and has been relying on prodexa’s PIM system for the maintenance of its product data for many years. In 2021, the company wanted a solution concept for current requirements. With the migration to PIM 8, prodexa was able to offer Indunorm a completely new software generation that already covers most requirements without any effort. 

The user-friendly import of large data packages, as well as adaptations to the translation possibilities and language maintenance were necessary. The customer wants to capture this and some other information at a glance using a comfortable customizable dashboard.

The storage of product images, videos and PDF files is ideally done in a separate DAM module.

Not only the processing of incoming data plays an essential role for Indunorm. The output of print products from the cross-media publishing tool should be usable with the help of EasyCatalog in Indesign. Another objective was to ensure the flexible connection to the ERP system and the transfer of data from the current PIM 7.

Due to prodexa’s many years of experience, the software has historically grown along the customer’s needs. This means that we can offer a fully developed solution that can be used to a large extent in a standardized manner. This saves Indunorm cost-intensive customizing and lengthy implementation processes.

Solution: Automation rules allow convenient data storage

With the migration to the new PIM 8 version, all wishes and requirements of Indunorm GmbH could be implemented. 

It should be pointed out that the entire project phase could be carried out trouble-free, from planning to go-live. 

The interfaces to the existing systems and the export of product information from the ERP system are now carried out on a daily basis, without complex and costly customizing. 

We were able to comply with Indunorm’s request – the installed Digital Asset Manager (DAM) now allows the storage of all product images, videos or PDF files required for output to different digital channels. One example is the Cross Media Publisher (CMP): In order to generate print catalogs in Indesign, the CMP was connected to the EasyCatalog module.The implementation was simple and cost-effective thanks to the standardization in PIM 8. 

In order to adequately cover the different information needs of Indunorm, all relevant evaluations are now available via a customizable, widget-based dashboard. The ease of use was a criterion that was optimally realized. 

In order to familiarize all seven participating users with the new PIM 8, a short training session took place before the system went live. 

During the project phase, which lasted from March to December 2021, a smooth migration of the entire database took place.


  • More time for the core business thanks to stronger automation
  • Processes at a glance thanks to the dashboard 
  • Integration of all assets in the DAM
  • Ensuring support through migration to PIM 8

Future plans

Future releases will always be updated so that Indunorm will continue to benefit from new features in the future.

Here, the ’Excel-Like’ editing of attributes for several products in a grid is particularly interesting for Indunorm.

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