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"Inspire customers with excellent product data"

Excerpt: Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest priorities that a company should have. As today’s retail world grow also the customer’s attitude changes. Simple descriptions with a short data is not being enough. We talk about golden tips about how can you enhance your product data.

Using enhanced product data for the customer experience:

The more a retailer maintains and enhances product data based on the customer’s usage behaviour, the higher the chances of positively influencing a purchase decision. Product communication aimed at specific target groups is gaining importance nowadays as more and more different touchpoints, channels and media need to be addressed. This affects the area of B2B as well as B2C.

Anyone who wants to be successful in this context has to adapt their product data to the changing requirements. One text for every purpose just isn’t enough anymore. Digitalisation and changing usage behaviour require the integration of more media, channels and touchpoints with product communication aimed at specific target groups. Take this into account by orienting your product data management to react to specific customer needs, including specific descriptions, classifications and ranges.

And that’s not all: Enhance your product data. Make use of images, graphics and videos to draw the interest of potential buyers to your services. Expand your sales volume with PIM-based creation of attractive product bundles and increase your revenue by using PIM functions to develop strategic cross-selling offers. In short: Set up your PIM system as a central source for product data with multimedia and cross-media capability – for individual and strategic online and offline publishing at the press of a button.

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In the age of omnichannel commerce, manufacturers and retailers from the technical environment are also actively using PIM systems to centralize product information and meet the specific requirements of the individual sales and communication channels. This is partly due to the fact that buyers in the B2B sector also expect a shopping experience that meets the requirements of the B2C sector.

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We present typical issues from daily business in digital marketing, sales and product management that question the benefits of a PIM system. At the same time, an excerpt of independent KPIs is intended to illustrate how companies from different industries use PIM to increase their efficiency and further expand their competitive advantages.

At what point do companies need a PIM system?

The number of sales and communication channels that need to be served with ever greater amounts of product information is increasing with the rise of digitalisation. The general conditions in omnichannel commerce are the same for smaller companies as for large ones. Therefore, a PIM system is not primarily aimed at the size of a company.

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Product Information Management (PIM) is becoming an increasingly important discipline for managers from marketing, sales and technical product management due to increasing digitalisation and the merging of different brand contact points. We show what is behind the term “PIM” and what advantages PIM software brings to companies.

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