prodexa Cloud for the tools and DIY sector

All distribution channels and materials such as web shop, marketplaces, catalogues and data sheets ready to use at any time.

Special industry requirements

High quality standards and compliance with extensive safety requirements are common elements across all areas of the value chain. But in international competition, companies are repeatedly confronted with cheaper competitors who spread similar (often lower-quality) products across multiple sales channels at rapid speeds and thereby secure new market shares by volume.

prodexa Cloud assists companies with standardisation and automation in product data management to ensure competitive advantages for sales and for the development of new markets.

Benefits for the tools and DIY sector


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  • More cross-selling for accessories and spare parts
  • Fast creation of product sets (e.g. tool set, product bundles)
  • Country-specific or customer-specific range generation

Meaningful product information

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  • Harmonisation of manufacturer data using automated validation rules
  • Support of industry standards, e.g. eCl@ss, BMEcat
  • Linking with additional media such as CAD files, manuals, safety data sheets

work flows

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  • All product information in a single system
  • Flexible and secure import of different supplier data using mapping editor
  • Secured price comparison with supplier contracts


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  • Time-saving translation and terminology management
  • Consistent data using integrated release processes
  • Publishing of comprehensive catalogues with little effort

prodexa Cloud by the numbers

more conversions
1 %
more cross- & up-selling
reduction in time & costs
customer experience

Functions for the tools and DIY sector

  • Numerous connectors for third-party applications and systems, e.g. ERP, CRM, mobile applications
  • Intelligent category-based templates for easy content assignment and advance validation based on specific requirements
  • Linking of data with digital resources and other data points for provision of personalised content
  • Centralised view of continuously uniform data along the entire product lifecycle: Components, suppliers, parts lists, specifications, translations, digital assets etc.
  • Easy management of attributes, hierarchy and versioning
  • Manage complex parts lists with little effort
  • Changes that have been made are reflected in the entire system thanks to cross-system syndication and consolidation
  • Management of data quality and data integrity through constant compliance with data protection
  • Configurable dashboards and reports for valuable real-time findings concerning data status
  • Automated, robust and seamless work flows for more efficient collaboration
  • Inheritance of attributes for rapid content creation
  • Individual configuration of views, e.g. considering attributes, digital assets and product relationships
  • Transparency and analysis of the entire digital supply chain
  • Observation of all required data protection regulations
Whitepaper - Werkzeuge und DIY
prodexa Cloud
for the tools and DIY sector

All distribution channels and materials such as web shop, marketplaces, catalogues and data sheets ready to use at any time – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

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