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Product information from the cloud
At our location in Dortmund, we develop holistic solutions that enable manufacturers and retailers to rapidly use more effective and organised product information in a wide range of output channels.

The company

prodexa GmbH is the reliable and innovative partner you need when it comes to product information and implementing efficient information processes. Our core expertise is in creating added value from product information to ensure the optimal product experience for customers, partners and employees on any channel, online and offline.

prodexa Cloud puts your data in order, integrates and streamlines process flows from the product idea to commercialisation and offers your interest groups real-time access to all current and relevant information. Teams obtain a real 360-degree view of your products and benefit from automated work flows and data enhancement.

Our flexible and scalable software combines all tools for professional data management in a single system. This allows companies to react quickly to changing customer needs, cleanse poor quality data, reduce your market introduction times and reduce your costs. prodexa Cloud is also incredibly easy to use.

One thing is clear: If your employees can manage the software well, it will also be successful and productive. To ensure this, prodexa continually invests in the ongoing development and optimisation of its technologies. Feedback from our customers is essential here.

Why should you choose SaaS?

For most companies, software on in-house servers is the standard. Installation, administration, maintenance and data backups are carried out by the IT department. This can lead to drawn-out projects, since in-house IT often poses a disruptive bottleneck.

Our experienced employees and our technical expertise offer you the security that companies need nowadays to act confidently on the market. Our software products are based on 20 years of experience in the PIM market.

We take over the commissioning of our software in the cloud, ensuring that it is reliable to use and secured against external intervention. We can handle large installations with hundreds of thousands of products or smaller quantities for the upper mid-sized segment.




Early on, jCatalog Software AG developed software modules for e-business and e-commerce. In particular, the business focused on PIM, DAM, publishing, electronic catalogues and solutions for e-procurement. In this way prodexa grew to become one of the market leaders in the German-speaking territory.



Name change

In 2016, jCatalog joined forces with OpusCapita, one of the leading providers of e-invoicing and process automation. From then on, the company operated under the name OpusCapita Software GmbH. The goal of this merger is a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio. The transformation of sales, procurement and finance processes for a digital future.



The birth of prodexa Cloud

In late 2019, jCatalog founder Stephan Albers transfers the PIM business division into prodexa GmbH. Since then, prodexa has continually developed its software. The preliminary result is the prodexa PXM suite for “Product Experience”. With this cloud platform, which works quickly and intuitively, companies can distribute their product data to other applications and channels. Simple and straightforward. This creates first-class product experiences for your customers at all touchpoints.


Our vision and mission

prodexa has a clear vision: An innovative and centralised data system that is easy to operate so companies can quickly use product information profitably and without a great deal of effort.

Our goal is to develop prodexa Cloud into the leading SaaS solution for comprehensive product data management in the German-speaking territory. One major success factor on this path is the perfect organisation and accuracy with which we process and maintain our data. prodexa is already in harmony with the omnichannel purchasing behaviour of our customers. We are continually developing and growing on e-commerce platforms.

Since we adapt to sudden consumer changes as a future-oriented company, we have become accustomed to customer-oriented and flexible operation in all respects. Our mission is clear: Only the best solutions for our customers.

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prodexa Cloud im aktuellen Report (2022) von TGOA: Erfahren Sie im aktuellen Report von “The Group of Analysts”, wie prodexa Cloud im Branchenvergleich abschneidet.
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prodexa Cloud “PIM with marketplace features” – download now for free (German version).

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