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"Quick Commerce – the new trend for online commerce"

Excerpt: After e-commerce comes Q-commerce. Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) is all about speed and delivering the best customer experience. And doing so within the shortest possible time. The market is growing rapidly, right now it's mostly groceries, but pharmaceuticals are the next quick commerce segment.

After e-commerce comes Q-commerce – a trend that is growing in popularity. Q-commerce means quick commerce, the rapid delivery of goods, ideally on the same day as the order is placed. And this although price is still one of the most important criteria for consumers when shopping online. This is followed by delivery speed, for which customers are quite prepared to pay more.

Premium delivery services are increasingly in demand

A study by Capterra has found that 60% of consumers say that the delivery service is important when evaluating a retailer. Especially when it comes to groceries and medicines, they want a same-day delivery.

For direct food orders, as many as 92% expect delivery within one hour. To score points with customers and leave the competition behind, fast delivery is an advantage for which consumers are also happy to pay a premium. 


These are the key findings:

  • 46% of respondents would like to have a shorter delivery time for their products, but only 30% to 40% are ready to pay a premium for prompt delivery.
  • A quarter of online users expect their groceries within an hour
  • Since the pandemic, 17% expect to pay less for delivery of their order
  • 45% already use meal delivery, with 92% of them expecting their order in less than an hour
  • 26% order food online from time to time in Germany, compared to just 16% before the pandemic.

"The success of these new forms of collaboration relies on strong territorial roots and a responsive community that allows retailers to deliver to their customers in less than two hours from their stores, especially in rural areas"

Source: Morgane Perraud Communication & Content Officer - Shopopop

Q-Commerce - a new trend

Q-Commerce combines the benefits of traditional e-commerce with speedy delivery. The clear majority (81%) nevertheless continue to shop at their favorite online store, even if it does not offer same-day delivery.

As the biggest problems with delivery, 42% of online shoppers cite high shipping fees and 21% delivery delays. These are the problems retailers should address first. An automated interface from the online store to the ERP system can be helpful in providing logistics with information quickly. 

Scalability ensures growth

Market changes demand ever greater dynamism, especially in e-commerce. Flexibility and fast time-to-market are the challenges of this time. This applies to the speed of delivery, but also to product information, which is received by thousands of retailers, plus from different manufacturers. This information has to be prepared for various output channels. This is where a Product Information Management (PIM) system comes into play. It is therefore extremely important to select a PIM system that is scalable and can keep pace with market changes and data growth in the coming years.

One can be curious about the development, next to food deliveries, medicines are the next segment to be conquered. Pharmacies are relying on their own messenger services.


Would you like to know whether a PIM system will help your company? We recommend our articles “At what point do companies need a PIM system” and “PIM as a core element in product content lifecycle Management“. Feel free to book an appointment with one of our experts. Of course, without any obligation and free of charge.

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What is the return of experience?

In addition to ROI (Return of Investment), ROX (Return of Experience) is a metric that should play a big role in e-commerce. Customer experience determines up-selling or cross-selling and also post-purchase reviews. The direct link between customer perception, customer experience and actual behavioral changes is quantified by ROX. The engagement of the employees in the service departments of the companies is also included in the consideration of the ROX. A PIM helps deliver the best quality data across all touchpoints.

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