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Product Experience Management
Efficient interplay of tailor-made products, individual services and personal experiences.

Product Experience Management

When making their purchase decisions, consumers research product information independently and switch channels freely depending on their needs.

A unified customer experience across all customer touchpoints is therefore important, but only possible if the product experience is captivating. Automated and centralised processes are necessary in order to master the complexity of multi-channel management. prodexa Cloud helps manufacturers and retailers to maintain their own brand image across all channels.

Product Experience Management - Your Benefits

Enhanced brand awareness

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  • Effective, consistent and multimedia content that catches the attention of users
  • Better engagement with a product range through an interplay of accurate, detailed and emotional product descriptions

More successful

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  • Improved visibility, better rankings and longer lengths of stay thanks to more relevant content
  • Shorter purchase decision processes with more decisive product information at the right time and place
  • Long-term customer loyalty and more follow-up purchases with personalised product information


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  • Messages can be personalised on a large scale across all channels and offer an exponential reduction in expenses for product communication particularly for providers with a large product portfolio
  • Tailored content for your own website and shop, product catalogue, leading marketplaces and social media

Shorter time
to market

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  • Product data and marketing content is created and processed in a central solution and can be embedded dynamically in the relevant channels through fully automated processes
  • Automatic mechanisms eliminate media disruptions, technical barriers and reduce error rates

Product Experience Management - Functions

  • Compilation and integration of raw data from different systems and applications, e.g. ERP, marketing applications, purchasing and product lifecycle solutions
  • Efficient interface management thanks to pre-fabricated APIs
  • Validation and consolidation of product data through a unified scheme with standardised formats and defined attributes as a prerequisite for process automation
  • Safeguard data quality for completeness, accuracy, consistency and timeliness
  • Supplementation of product information with additional attributes, product categories and cross-references
  • Preparation of product information (e.g. translations, image formats, text lengths) for different markets and output channels (e.g. online shop, marketplaces and print)
  • Personalisation of information, e.g. by accounting for demographic characteristics and individual search and purchase history
  • Management of personalised marketing campaigns, e.g. e-mail marketing campaigns, cross-selling and up-selling campaigns
  • Management of data output in all target channels, e.g. online shops, websites, catalogues, systems at the stationary point of sale (POS), search engines, comparison portals, social media, mobile apps
  • Automatic updating of product data at the right time from a central point
  • Recording and analysis of direct user behaviour (e.g. clicks, downloads, accesses, lengths of stay etc.) with advanced technology for continual optimisation of product communication
Whitepaper - Automobil und Fahrzeugbranche
prodexa Cloud
for the automotive and vehicle industry

Optimisation of quality, appeal and use for vehicle parts ranges – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

Whitepaper - Elektronik- und Kabelbranche
prodexa Cloud
for the electronics and cable industry

Meaningful product information for specific target groups as a driving force for growth – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

Whitepaper - Handel und B2B
prodexa Cloud
for commerce and B2B

More conversions with relevant and context-specific offers – learn more now in the latest white paper (German Version).

Whitepaper - Baustoffe und SHK
prodexa Cloud
for the construction materials, sanitary and HVAC sector

Pools heterogeneous product data in a central system and ensures smooth product data distribution – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

Whitepaper - Maschinenbau und Technik
prodexa Cloud
for the mechanical engineering and technology industry

For excellent product communication and efficient collaboration with other departments and external partners – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

Whitepaper - Werkzeuge und DIY
prodexa Cloud
for the tools and DIY sector

All distribution channels and materials such as web shop, marketplaces, catalogues and data sheets ready to use at any time – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

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