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prodexa Cloud with Inapa Deutschland GmbH

Inapa Deutschland GmbH (formerly Papier Union GmbH) is one of the most successful service providers in the wholesale paper industry across Germany. Inapa Deutschland is one of the leading trade groups in Europe. They employ 850 employees and offer nearly 9,500 items in their standard portfolio.

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PIM as a central data hub

prodexa Cloud (formerly jCatalog) introduced PIM as the central data hub for Inapa Deutschland during the project “Restructuring product data management”. The company is now optimally prepared to meet future requirements as well, such as a substantial expansion of the range and multilingual product maintenance. All product-relevant data are now managed via a single system. This considerably simplifies the data management process, which was previously distributed across multiple systems, and improves data quality. prodexa Cloud PIM also meets new expectations such as filling various target systems, dynamic price requests, maintenance authorisations for specific ranges and roles, flexible design for item creation as well as the expansion and development of cross-selling options.

More quantity, more quality

The central data hub is connected to the different systems so that product data are always taken over from the ERP system and other data sources and then enhanced. Numerous previously isolated data sources were also used for the migration of old data. In the PIM, all data are now optimally and flexibly enhanced, grouped in various ways, classified and then distributed to the target systems. Accordingly, the data from various sources are now consistently available for different applications.

Fast and straightforward

The number of processing systems is continually growing at Inapa Deutschland. prodexa Cloud PIM features an open design, which makes it fast and straightforward to establish the required interfaces. If one product area is used in multiple target systems, it is possible to configure which characteristics should be indicated depending on the target system. Thanks to prodexa Cloud, all price data can be called up from the ERP system using a web service and added to the relevant exports. The creation of complete price lists has therefore also become more straightforward, fast and secure. prodexa Cloud PIM ensures the integration of future systems as well as data consolidation.

Future plans

Products and items from new subsidiaries are either integrated or managed in a new portfolio range. Apart from the operative aspects, data administration with prodexa Cloud PIM also offers new opportunities for sales and marketing. Accordingly, the next step planned is the partially automated creation of printed price lists, catalogues and data sheets. The company is well-positioned for future expectations as well. The quantity structure of prodexa Cloud is designed to handle a tenfold increase in the portfolio. And there’s nothing standing in the way of international use either, since prodexa Cloud PIM ensures multilingual product maintenance.

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