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Online Product Catalogue
Easy catalogue management with updated product data in real time.

Online Product Catalogue

Nowadays, an online catalogue is an absolute must. This allows you to reach more customers faster, and at any time. The advantages of always having your catalogue available online are endless.

With prodexa Cloud, the variety of information available for individual items can be supplemented with images, data sheets, drawings or multimedia content. Thanks to responsive design, the online catalogues are also available on any mobile device with optimal resolution.

Online Product Catalogue - Your Benefits

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  • Intuitive filter and sort functions for browsing
  • Efficient search for all product information
  • Clear match lists including product comparison and favourites
  • Inclusion of product popularity with other users as an additional decision tool


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  • Easy publication of information that is relevant for the target group
  • Seamless connection to prodexa Cloud PIM and prodexa Cloud DAM guarantees consistent data with constant high level of quality

Optional expansion to B2B information portal

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  • prodexa Cloud can be expanded into a B2B customer portal with its own login access, e.g. for partners and suppliers
  • View and range management determines which target groups can see which product information

Optional expansion to B2B shop

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  • Wish lists and shopping lists, parts lists for B2B shops
  • Baskets for B2B purchase
  • Including integrated mini content management system

Online Product Catalogue – Functions

  • Creation of high-quality product data feeds for specific channels and target groups for an improved product experience
  • Enhancement of product data feeds with additional useful information like customer assessments and videos
  • Automatic publication of product data feeds
  • Standardisation of catalogue content according to brand and channel requirements
  • User-friendly search functions with corresponding sorting and filter options (e.g. keyword search, search by item number, search by manufacturer part number, parameter search, search by classification and classification groups, search using synonyms, search by partial words, multilingual search, category search)
  • Faster search queries through simultaneous improvements of search results (e.g. autocomplete, semantic search, aspect search, classification filter, attribute comparisons)
  • Different display options for search results (e.g. ranking of matches by relevance, price, manufacturer, etc.)
  • The catalogue search offers analysis of search behaviour and delivers analysis concerning items
  • Comparative table of products with colour emphasis of specific product differences for rapid product comparison
  • Best price function (automatic check whether an item exists as a cheaper variant or similar item)
  • Specific creation of shopping lists including automatic update with product and price changes
  • Automatic notification of product substitutes if an item from a range was replaced (successor product)
  • Individual configuration of product bundles for which additional components can be added to main items as an optional or mandatory step
  • Automatic inclusion of cross-selling and up-selling potentials by suggesting suitable accessory items
  • Option of storing procurement-specific information (e.g. cost-splitting, different delivery location, allocation of general ledger accounts to products, recording feeds, adding documents)
  • Automatic execution of specific checks (e.g. check for minimum order quantities, check for minimum order values, mapping of surcharges and discounts, validation of account assignments)
  • Control of visibility for different ranges for different users (user groups)
  • Convenient generation of diversified catalogues for different countries, regions, branches, departments or user groups
  • Restriction of display to specific suppliers, catalogues, material groups or items
Whitepaper - Automobil und Fahrzeugbranche
prodexa Cloud
for the automotive and vehicle industry

Optimisation of quality, appeal and use for vehicle parts ranges – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

Whitepaper - Elektronik- und Kabelbranche
prodexa Cloud
for the electronics and cable industry

Meaningful product information for specific target groups as a driving force for growth – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

Whitepaper - Handel und B2B
prodexa Cloud
for commerce and B2B

More conversions with relevant and context-specific offers – learn more now in the latest white paper (German Version).

Whitepaper - Baustoffe und SHK
prodexa Cloud
for the construction materials, sanitary and HVAC sector

Pools heterogeneous product data in a central system and ensures smooth product data distribution – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

Whitepaper - Maschinenbau und Technik
prodexa Cloud
for the mechanical engineering and technology industry

For excellent product communication and efficient collaboration with other departments and external partners – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

Whitepaper - Werkzeuge und DIY
prodexa Cloud
for the tools and DIY sector

All distribution channels and materials such as web shop, marketplaces, catalogues and data sheets ready to use at any time – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

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