New location of prodexa GmbH

As of October 25, the Dortmund team of prodexa GmbH is based at a new location. The move from Lindemann Straße 79 to Rheinische Straße 171, just less than 3 kilometers away, went smoothly and was very well organized. The larger location offers the growing team new opportunities in collaboration. In addition to the modern premises, the improved infrastructure also provides further advantages.

The open atmosphere ensures more agile collaboration and shorter communication channels. The new location also offers several meeting rooms for the necessary creative processes. We are very much looking forward to the new experiences we will gain at our new location. You can now find us at the following address:

Rheinische Straße 171
44147 Dortmund
+49 231 3967 111
+49 162 4330 251

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New location of prodexa GmbH

The larger location offers the growing team new opportunities to develop. In addition to the modern premises, the infrastructure also provides further advantages.

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prodexa Cloud Multichannel Marketing

Omnichannel-box for retailers

prodexa Cloud and the omnichannel box from infolox: In an age where consumers have growing demands about how products are presented and ordered, out-of-the-box solutions that …

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prodexa Cloud Location Dortmund

Company name changed to prodexa GmbH

With 20 years of experience in handling product information and designing information processes and activities concentrated in all PIM-relevant customer system, prodexa GmbH takes over with the goal of becoming one of the leading solution providers for product experience management in the coming years.

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prodexa Cloud Support

Agile PIM in daily business

How can you stay competitive with today’s rapidly changing business world? “Speed” is your key factor If you don’t want to be left behind of your competitors. PIM accelerates your data management in every sense of meaning but the companies that do not have PIM facing with unbearable problems…

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prodexa Cloud CMP

Focusing product quality

The quality of your data is the most essential thing if you want to convince your customers to make a purchase. As the online retail shares grow, demanding attitude of the customers increase as well and with the accurate and relevant information, they are more likely to add your product in their basket.

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prodexa Cloud professional Datamanagement

Putting an end to data silos

Imagine having a central source of truth that stores all of your data in a one place that is accessible by the employees. PIM is shining with its best feature that makes all companies attract itself which saves them from getting lost in data silos. your team members can edit and share your product information from one central source, with PIM possibilities are even more.

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prodexa Cloud creative Team

Automating workflows

Aren’t you tired of wasting time with manual tasks? Have you ever considered the things you could do if you used that time for productivity? We explain how PIM automate your workflow and enhance it to reach your maximum capability.

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prodexa Cloud Customer Experience

Inspire customers with excellent product data

Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest priorities that a company should have. As today’s retail world grow also the customer’s attitude changes. Simple descriptions with a short data is not being enough. We talk about golden tips about how can you enhance your product data.

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