prodexa Cloud for the mechanical engineering and technology industry

For excellent product communication and efficient collaboration with other departments and external partners.

Special industry requirements

Innovation cycles and product life cycles are becoming increasingly shorter. At the same time, customer need and demand for information is growing. Customers want to get the information they need even faster. If they don’t find what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds, they’ll end up somewhere else in no time.

Whether an online marketplace, point of sale, web shop or interactive catalogue: the race to win over customers is decided by updated product information across all channels.

Benefits for the mechanical engineering and technology industry

Taking into account industry standards and portals

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  • All updated product information in a single system
  • Consistent data using integrated release processes
  • Support of industry standards eCl@ss, BMEcat, etc.

Save time and money on the long term

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  • Search, find and manage product information in a matter of seconds
  • Handy translation and terminology management
  • Publishing of comprehensive catalogues with little effort

Simplify tasks and processes

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  • Modelling and standardisation of processes for routine tasks for added security
  • Shortening of lead times using active notification system (push principle)
  • Graphic display of work flows in intuitive dashboards

Increase conversions and reduce returns

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  • Better searchability of products and shops in search engines with well managed product data and meta information for increased traffic and conversions
  • More security for customers with complete data and accurate structures for reduced basket abandonment and returns

prodexa Cloud by the numbers

more conversions
1 %
more cross- & up-selling
reduction in time & costs
customer experience

Functions for the mechanical engineering and technology industry

Single source of truth

  • A central location at which all product information is always present and accessible in an updated, consistent, complete and quality-assured form

Data input via input systems

  • Import of product data from various systems and applications, e.g. ERP systems, supplier systems, translation management systems and more
  • Comprehensive interface management for rapid data exchange in both directions in real time or at periodic intervals
  • Simple mapping of corresponding fields in the input and output systems

Processing and enhancement of data

  • Marketing data: Designations, descriptions, content of labels
  • Media files: Photos, graphics, videos, documents
  • Technical information: Dimensions, weight, specifications
  • Design data: Size, colour, material

Validation and audit rules

  • Global rules: Cleansing, Mapping, Validating, Enrichment
  • Supplier-specific rules: Definition of rules for individual suppliers

Product search with filters

  • Convenient and fast search (e.g. automatic completion, dynamic filters, word stem search, synonym, boosting and more)

Product preview

  • Preview pages enable a fast overview of product status quos
  • Content can be adapted quickly, e.g. for technical or sales views

Product editor

  • Product comparisons with emphasis of differences helps with customer advisory or internal comparisons

Product details

  • Multi-classification: Product groups and characteristics can be managed for the duration
  • Ranges and prices Bulk prices, sale quantities and units, customer prices, validity periods, range classifications
  • Languages: Terminology and translation management
  • Tables: Use of tables for visual structuring of product data

Dynamic workflows

  • Modelling of processes for recurring and routine tasks
  • Shortening of lead times with fast information transfer (push principle)
  • Process flows can be standardised and also offer a high degree of security
  • The process history enables queries and analysis and also provides information about how, where and why bottlenecks have occurred
  • Graphic display of work flows in intuitive dashboards

Transfer of product data to relevant channels

  • Transfer of targeted attributes or individual ranges in specific time intervals in defined file formats to regional systems, e-commerce, mobile applications, print, point of sale or advertising

Cross-media publishing

  • Easy planning and organisation of catalogues
  • Open publishing interfaces with all common applications, e.g. Priint Suite, InBetween, Easycatalog, Xactuell, InDesign, Quark

Online product catalogues

  • Application scenarios: B2B shop, customer portal, information system

Other important functions

  • Extensive search functions, detailed match lists, product comparisons, basket function, wish lists
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prodexa Cloud
for the mechanical engineering and technology industry

For excellent product communication and efficient collaboration with other departments and external partners – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

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