prodexa Cloud for the electronics and cable industry

Meaningful product information for specific target groups as a driving force for growth.

Special industry requirements

The rules of the market are changing, whether due to the influence of digitalisation, the energy transformation, the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0. Presenting products and services equally in line with customer expectations across all channels becomes a major challenge in this context.

prodexa Cloud assists manufacturers and dealers in the electronics industry with centrally collecting and harmonising product data from different sources and then orienting this information strategically based on the specific requirements of the publication channels and target groups.

Benefits for the electronics and cable industry

Stand out with high-quality information

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  • Providing meaningful data oriented to specific target groups can arouse interest and accelerate purchase decisions
  • Enhancement of offers with image-boosting information in the form of persuasive images, graphics and videos for attention-grabbing storytelling

Fulfilment of growing market requirements

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  • Taking into account specific product classifications such as ETIM, UNSPSC, eCl@ss or profiCl@ss
  • Precise compliance with labelling obligations and security requirements such as European Regulation 2014/34/EU (ATEX)

Successful multi-channel management

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  • Provide product data centrally in a media-neutral manner and resolve data silos as well as different data formats
  • Supply all relevant touchpoints at any time and place with little effort thanks to meaningful and consistent product data

Consider different stakeholders

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  • Integration of internal and external interest groups into product data management (e.g. customers, market partners, employees) to optimise processes along the entire value-added chain
  • Enhancement of master data to include additional and beneficial content modules that can be compiled, structured, processed and made available in turn

prodexa Cloud by the numbers

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Functions for the electronics and cable industry

Nowadays, product information is more extensive than ever. It's nowhere near enough to publish just a few technical characteristics from the ERP system on sales channels. Today's customers, whether wholesalers, architects or craftsmen on site, require qualified and high-quality information that goes above and beyond the standard data.

prodexa Cloud helps you not only to maintain extensive technical characteristics but also to enhance this information with marketing for specific target groups and sales-boosting product descriptions. This allows you to quickly create different descriptions for end customers or business partners, for example.

With the help of the fully integrated Digital Asset Management, you can supply your products with image-boosting information in the form of persuasive pictures, graphics or manuals and quick guides in the language versions of your choice.

Core information

  • Product numbers, GTIN/EAN, quantity units, sales units, product relationships

Prices and ranges

  • Bulk prices, promotions and discounts, ranges for different dealers, marketplaces, countries


  • Terminology management, translations, currencies and exchange rates

Documents and media

  • Product images, manuals, guides, white papers, scale drawings, CAD files

Nowadays, product data needs to be oriented to specific target groups. On the other hand, there are also cross-company industry standards and legally binding regulations. Product classifications such as ETIM, UNSPSC, eCl@ss or profiCl@ss have to be considered, labelling obligations and security requirements such as European Regulation 2014/34/EU (ATEX) must be fulfilled. Manufacturers must be able to provide this type of qualified information. On the other hand, dealers must be able to direct the supplied product data into stationary and/or digital sales channels with the least possible effort.

Classifications and characteristics

  • Mapping classifications
  • Industry standards
  • Attributes and channels
  • Product groups
  • Tables and legends

prodexa Cloud helps you to easily organise overarching standards and import or export them using convenient mapping tools. For example, fast mapping can be generated between ETIM 5, 6 and 7, or entire classification systems can be assigned based on rules (e.g. ETIM to eCl@ss). In addition, you obtain transparency concerning characteristics that require labelling and mandatory country-specific regulations such as REACH or ROHS that you can store directly with the relevant items.


  • EU regulations (e.g. Safety, ATEX)
  • Regional labelling obligations
  • Hazardous goods labelling

Product information consists of much more than just technical attributes. If you consider topics such as IoT or Industry 4.0, products now carry more and more digital information about the entire product lifecycle. Examples of this include product activations, firmware and software updates or the transfer of data in ongoing operation. Given this background, it is necessary to maintain not only "tangible" products but also relationships and compatibilities with digital "products".

Especially in the electronics industry, products are used in various scenarios. Sensors, cables or plug connectors are not produced for a single intended use; instead, they can cover a wide range of applications depending on their configuration. prodexa Cloud enables you to fulfil these requirements precisely, whether by displaying products with hundreds of characteristics or easily maintaining items with a broad range of variants for different application scenarios.

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prodexa Cloud
for the electronics and cable industry

Meaningful product information for specific target groups as a driving force for growth – learn more now in the latest white paper (German version).

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