prodexa Cloud
for commerce and B2B

More conversions with relevant and context-specific offers.

Special industry requirements

Retailers have to take in information about thousands of products from a wide variety of manufacturers, process this information and prepare it for output channels such as web shops, online catalogues or individually printed print media. Solid and consistent product information is the foundation of their business success.

With prodexa Cloud, retailers can ensure unified product information, reduce the maintenance cost for your data and exchange data internally and externally via all systems in all standard formats with customers, suppliers and partners.

Benefits for commerce and B2B

Exceed customer expectations

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  • Offer a range of services and products that adapt to constantly changing customer requirements
  • React flexibly to new trends and seasonal demand
  • Combine and coordinate customer touchpoints, e.g. ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline)

Enhance customer loyalty

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  • Keep customers in your ecosystem by ensuring representation on all relevant channels
  • Facilitate the purchase decision process for customers with comprehensive search and filter functions, integration of ratings and multimedia content

Market products
more quickly

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  • Faster time-to-market thanks to rapid syndication of new product data across all online and physical channels
  • Minimise error rates by automating operative processes

Save time
and money

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  • Reduce erroneous purchases and product returns due to inaccurate descriptions
  • Less strain on customer service due to few customer enquiries regarding general product information

prodexa Cloud by the numbers

more conversions
1 %
more cross- & up-selling
reduction in time & costs
customer experience

Functions for commerce and B2B

Model product data

  • Configure product data models quickly without programming knowledge
  • Mass processing of product data and master data with thousands of attributes
  • Freely combine, import and export data models
  • Data storage in multiple languages for international teams
  • Intelligent object relationships for category-specific attributes

Process product data

  • Duplicate existing products, define new products from scratch or based on templates for a fast product creation process
  • List views enable easy sorting, filtering, searching and mass processing of product data
  • User interfaces can be individually adapted to the specific needs of user groups or teams

Ensure data quality

  • Monitoring and improvement of data quality and data completeness using pre-defined quality reports and validation processes
  • Advanced rights management for control of access to all data
  • Versatile publication and versioning functions with inclusion of audit inspections and governance guidelines
  • Restore predecessor versions

Optimize work processes

  • Definition of conditions that a product must fulfil before moving on to the next workflow process
  • Automatic translation of attributes
  • History documents the audit trail for each workflow step
  • Automatic notifications for information about the status quo of workflow steps

Enhancement of digital content

  • Provide media assets in the right form for every output channel for seamless omnichannel management
  • Convert and transform digital content based on pre-configured rules

Publish content

  • Single-source publishing for digital channels such as e-commerce, marketplaces, websites and mobile applications
  • Numerous connectors for online shops, e.g. for Shopware, Magento, WordPress
  • Integrated Content Management System (expansion of prodexa Cloud into an online shop or service portal)
  • Easy creation of print publications, e.g. price lists, product catalogues, white papers (incl. connection to third-party systems such as Adobe InDesign)

Integration and syndication of data

  • Seamless integration into the existing IT landscape (e.g. ERP, CRM, BI) through API-controlled software architecture
  • Transfer of standardised product data to all leading digital marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba
  • Creation of high-quality product data feeds that are perfectly tailored to channels and target groups
  • Bi-directional real time communication with external systems and applications
  • Automatic syndication of product information for numerous marketing and distribution channels
Whitepaper - Handel und B2B
prodexa Cloud
for commerce and B2B

More conversions with relevant and context-specific offers – learn more now in the latest white paper (German Version).

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