prodexa Cloud for the automotive and vehicle industry

Optimisation of quality, appeal and use for vehicle parts ranges.

Special industry requirements

For manufacturers and dealers, it is important to provide easily searchable offers with complete and appealing information.

prodexa Cloud assists companies with the simplified maintenance, validation and release of complete product information. In this way, parts ranges with many attributes and complex data structures can be optimally developed and processed for numerous channels. This establishes trust and a superior shopping and service experience.

Benefits for the automotive and vehicle industry

Enhancement of market position

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  • Coordinated product data strategy accounts for individual processes within the product lifecycle
  • Simple management of global vehicle data formats: TecDoc, PIES, ACES, Fraga and more
  • Data updates at a global level eliminate discrepancies in brand and product communication

One-of-a-kind customer experiences

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  • Trustworthy data as the foundation for stronger relationships with customers and partners
  • Continuous data cleansing and enhancement enables customer-centres marketing and sales initiatives
  • Comprehensive product attributes and data fulfil steadily increasing customer requirements

Improved economic efficiency

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  • Synchronised data management enables rapid market availability and efficient cross-selling and up-selling
  • Reliable and clean data as the foundation for successful omnichannel management and a customer-focused approach
  • Automation of manual processes lowers error rates and protects against compliance violations

Performance optimisation

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  • Acceleration of digital marketing processes, above all for product ranges with many characteristics and high data input
  • The latest database technology and easy processing functions simplify complex mass operations and speed up product availability

prodexa Cloud by the numbers

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1 %
more cross- & up-selling
reduction in time & costs
customer experience

Functions for the automotive and vehicle industry

Refinement and enhancement of product information

  • Convenient refinement functions for sales-boosting offers
  • Standard functions such as synonym maintenance transform product descriptions into user-friendly SEO texts for more easily searchable products

Intuitive dashboards for quality control

  • Dashboards enable the use of customisable widgets for categories such as product groups, vehicle models, catalogues and brands, quick links or direct access to product searches as well as displaying quality metrics

Efficient organisation and searching

  • Products can be found by model classification and filtering by aspects such as vehicle model and product groups, attributes, catalogues, suppliers as well as an advanced search and the model tree
  • Information about products can be easily reviewed and adjusted as needed using automated validation rules, e.g. on the level of individual attributes
  • Classification cockpits can be used for navigation in the parts or vehicle tree and to display information about specific groups, making it possible to view categories, products, attributes and media by product groups or by the structure of the vehicle tree

Management of compatibilities and restrictions in the vehicle tree

  • Established support functions already exist for data maintenance such as document previews, external media files (e.g. YouTube videos), links to the integrated prodexa Cloud DAM and direct editing of references products in the editor
  • Compatibilities and vehicle classifications can be managed easily and restrictions of use can be defined rapidly

Typical business processes in the automotive industry

  • Importing product data: Vehicle parts dealers import product data, vehicle master data and cross-information about different providers into prodexa Cloud
  • Adjusting product data: Specifications, references and classifications
  • Adding new car models: Take over all compatible products incl. restrictions from predecessor car model; delete exceptions for compatibilities that are no longer available or adjust at the level of the restrictions
  • Editing compatibilities: Adjust or delete compatibilities and relationships via import or mass operation
  • Creating product comparisons: Select products, define characteristics for the comparison and show compatibilities
  • Saving digital assets: Digital assets can be allocated to products, relationships (construction models, repair sets) and vehicle uses
  • Exporting product data: Export of products by car models according to vehicle uses

Competition analysis

  • Convenient editing and analysis of information about competitors
  • Automatic or manual allocation of compatible competitor products and their prices (parts numbers, type key numbers registered with the Federal Motor Transport Authority, car models)
  • Generation of market overviews (crosses, references to products and competitors, prices)
  • Gap analysis: Based on fleet data, individual range gaps and needs are identified (do competitors support new OEM numbers? Do competitors support new models? Delta checks: What has been added by competitors?)

Feed and export management

  • Selected products can be provided with chosen detailed data in a channel-specific format using the fastest route
  • Automated release of product information to online shops, marketplaces or industry-specific platforms such as TecDoc
  • Administrators can easily and independently make configurations for imports and exports within the system

Rule-based automation

  • Automated adjustment (white spaces, quantity units, control characters, etc.)
  • Automated enhancement (calculation of additional information, linking of individual figures, separating character strings into individual figures, assignment of documents)
  • Automated validation (data quality, completeness)

Converting and mapping for attributes and classifications

  • Product can be automatically assigned to classifications, attributes or ISO data for the specific output channel

REST API for system integration

  • prodexa Cloud provides "on-demand" product information to other systems for REST-based connectors to DTP processes, ERP or ESB connections

Support of exchange formats such as TecDoc

  • The database can automatically be called up or synchronised by TecDoc or international exchange formats such as DVSE/Top Motive
  • Provides such as Eucon or IHS Markit are frequently data suppliers for prodexa Cloud PIM for use information and fleet data; parts catalogues from other providers of product information (vehicle manufacturers, wholesalers) can also be integrated easily

prodexa Cloud OPC (Online Product Catalogue) is a high-quality presentation platform for personal sales

  • Accurate matches with specific searches: With prodexa Cloud OPC, the seller can find the right vehicle components in the blink of an eye. Simply navigate along the manufacturer/model tree or entire the available vehicle data (e.g. key number, motor code or type-examination certificate) and you will be taken to the matching product.
  • Applications for the right components: In addition to the product details, information is provided about vehicle uses. This information can be collected independently or based on TecDoc data. If additional restrictions exist, they can be specifically included in the search to find the right product without a doubt.
  • Use cross-numbers in sales: Sellers can enter the original manufacturer number or any competitor numbers in prodexa Cloud OPC and are then directed to identical products in your range.
  • Ready to print and export at any time: In addition to online display, all search results can also be exported as a dynamic PDF data sheet or catalogue layout.
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prodexa Cloud
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