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"Agile PIM in daily business"

Excerpt: How can you stay competitive with today’s rapidly changing business world? “Speed” is your key factor If you don’t want to be left behind of your competitors. PIM accelerates your data management in every sense of meaning but the companies that do not have PIM facing with unbearable problems…

The fast beats the slow

This principle applies not only in sports, but also equally in day-to-day business, for example product data management. Anyone who can’t keep up with the pace of the digital age is left behind.

As a retailer, imagine your commercial life without PIM. You would have to request information from different points both internally and externally, pore over Excel lists, collect, coordinate, synchronise, make changes, coordinate again, and so on and so forth…this process swallows up days or even weeks.

Retailers without PIM require a lot more time to react to changes, integrate current features into product descriptions, replace outdated data or compile portfolios for specific markets and countries.

Companies with PIM have it easier. While some are still laboriously gathering information, others simply press a button – and in the blink of an eye, they have everything they need for the web shop, PoS or catalogue. Get your company ready to react fast. This means: Every team along the entire value chain must be able to view all product data at any time. This is the only way you can fulfil the requirements for new channels that arise due to market changes in data formats, structures and product characteristics, and react quickly and efficiently to new customer requirements and market changes.

Maybe some mid-sized companies would object that while this all sounds interesting, a PIM system would not be a reasonable option for smaller companies because it operates on an excessively large scale. This is incorrect. PIM is not just a matter for large companies. When implemented intelligently, PIM systems also can support the growth of smaller companies. They can adapt to the company’s needs and expand easily in case of increasing requirements and customer requests.

In summary: PIM systems are indispensable in large and small companies when you need to react quickly to changes in the market.

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